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Designing a suitable farm is about understanding your goals, the existing space, your construction plans, and proposed budget.

By understanding the above, we can propose either a Farm.One solution or refer you to a suitable product or partner. See below for ideas.


We prepare wireframes and design specifications for a farm to fit your goals, based on the experience built up.

These combine ease of use with reliability, production efficiency, and work well in tight urban spaces.


Once your space is prepared according to specification, our team will install equipment.

This process can take from a few days to a few weeks, depending on product complexity. Some equipment can be pre-assembled to reduce  on-site access time.


Farm. One can optionally maintain and operate your farm in the. Talk to us about an appropriate service contract.

Installation & Maintenance

Talk to us about the long-term plans for your mini-farm. 

We can install with minimal impact, and create a maintenance and supplemental product contract that will make sure your farm produces consistently for the long run.

This includes a reliable supply of Farm.One consumables, with the same emphasis on sustainability as our own farms.

Why Hydroponics?

Hydroponic farms are perfect for indoor spaces. Plants are grown in a water-based nutrient solution instead of soil, making it far easier to grow crops in a stable environment with minimal risk of pests.

We can recommend the appropriate system design for your space, using tried and tested equipment.

Hydroponic growing in MyGarden has many advantages, including:

• Simple – requires 15 minutes of your time per week

• Fun – great for the whole family

• Convenient – waist high growing = no sore back and/or muddy, dirty clothes

• Organic – no weeds or insects and minimal diseases because leaves remain dry

• Practical – requires little space and disassembles easily for storage

• Educational – watch entire plants including roots grow, flower, and develop; understand basic plant physiology (learning materials available at no cost to customers)