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Advantages of hydroponic vegetable production

  • Hydroponically produced vegetables can be of high quality and need little washing.
  • Soil preparation and weeding is reduced or eliminated.
  • It is possible to produce very high yields of vegetables on a small area because an environment optimal for plant growth is created. All the nutrients and water that the plants need, are available at all times.
  • One does not need good soil to grow vegetables.
  • Water is used efficiently.
  • Pollution of soil with unused nutrients is greatly reduced

Hydroponics means plants working (growing) in water.

The word ‘hydroponics’ is derived from two Greek words: ‘hydro’ – meaning water, and ‘ponos’ – meaning labour.

A modern definition of hydroponics: A system where plants are grown in growth media other than natural soil. All the nutrients are dissolved in the irrigation water and are supplied at a regular basis to plants.